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Why you need Liquid Choices, and we need you!

The Alcohol-free and sober community is booming currently, with a new product seemingly released each week. So why do we need Liquid Choices, another sober platform to dilute the market? Cutting edge research, undertaken by the charity Alcohol Change UK, holds the answer.

Liquid Choices prides itself on being the campaign for AF options. As such, Trevor, the founder, has had some interesting conversations with businessmen who don’t fully grasp the ‘model’ here at LC. Often the question ‘ what is your model?’ comes up, to which the answer is always the same, the model is whatever brings better alcohol-free and low alcohol products to the on-trade market. We act as consultancy, distributor and wholesaler but really, these terms don’t factor into any ‘model.’ We want to help people and support the sober community.

Liquid Choices is not about profit, it is about improving life choices for all.

It is true that Liquid Choices owes a great deal to Alcohol Change UK. The desire for the founder to get sober and start the company would be far less bright were it not for the outstanding support that the sectors leading charity offers.

None more so, than the research, hot off the press, which asks the pertinent question, ‘do alcohol-free drinks help heavy drinkers cut their drinking? The answer is a resounding yes, and the research proves it. 83% of people cutting down their alcohol intake deemed AF drinks important for the process.

The research goes on to say the alcohol-free drinks was seen as a ‘success’ when supporting people to quit or cut down.

Furthermore, and where Liquid Choices comes in, is that a number of the cohort believed that the hospitality sector are not doing enough to support the burgeoning sober and sober-curious communities that are popping up. 86% rated the options poor and less than good in pubs and bars, while this figure rises to 89% in restaurants. Unsurprisingly, nightclubs fared the worst with only 4% believing that the AF offer was good.

Finally, nearly three quarters of people (72%) felt that alcohol-free drinks prices are too high. So what can be done about this?

Liquid Choices aims to be a catalyst and a rallying point to bring the on-trade into 2023 and give the sober and sober curious what they deserve. By following us and signing up to the newsletter, you are sticking your marker in the ground and saying, this simply is not good enough and support us to make the hospitality sector more equitable for all.

With your support, we can make a change! So get following:

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