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Q and A with Trevor Twohig

What is Liquid Choices? Are you a distributor a wholesaler a..what?

We are all of those things and more. Given the complex nature of human existence we don't want to be pigeonholed and put into one distinct category. All of our activity is driven by the fact we are the campaign for alcohol free options and our goal is to reassess where we are in a year and see how far we have come to improving them.

The corporate world loves to put people in a box but we like the idea of a future where we are judged not on predescribed boxes set by government/society but by the effect we are having on society and for the greater good.

But are you just selling stuff?

We like to promote the brands and ambassadors we work with as we want them to last a long time and continue to help the sober community.

We are a small, family run cic and our work is driven by trying to better things rather than profit. As such we do need to make some money to keep operating. We are proud to bring you some of the best af drinks out there at the most reasonable prices. This fits into our long term strategy of improving AF options.

Surely you need to be doing more lobbying etc?

Yes we do and in the background we have three meetings before the end of the year with different MPs who may or may not be sympathetic with our cause. If anyone has tried to get meetings with MPs it is not easy but this is happening and we will publish how we fare when these meetings occur.

Do you have hope that you can change things?

Of course! We have found the sober community a wonderful place to be but it needs to continue to grow and Trevor has made no secret of his desire to get out into the non af world and start influencing people about the wonders of sobriety. We don't preach abstinence of prohibition, but we do know first hand what it was like to be heavy drinkers and now to be sober. We do understand the poor sleep, poor decisions, low self esteem etc. That keep us chained to the bottle. We also felt we would never get sober. Then through support and quit lit and the communit, we did! If we help one person do the same and that improves their life, we have succeeded.

Merch? Podcasts? Do you thing you are Joe Rogan?

Not at all, we are proudly vegan! However, we don't feel there should be limits on creativity. Our work is a labour of love and comes from the heart. We have specially chosen our menu that we offer as we feel they are high quality products. We feel that sobriety should be shouted about so created our own clothes line. We want to elevate others and so created a podcast to do just that.

But the government make too much money from duty to change anything significantly...

Maybe so. But for us it's worth a shot to try and change things. We have the support and backing of people in the community and we work with alcohol change UK who are tirelessly campaigning in the background. We need to try and level the playing field. If even just a little! If the hospitality sector is 95% booze and 5% at then if we help to change the figures to 90% and 10% that is a positive thing.

Any other plans?

Yes we want to set up liquid choices to a point where we are happy and then move into support in schools and so on for drug and alcohol related awareness. It changes with the individual and we want to bring hope to all those affected by addiction and excess drinking.

Trevor our director never believed he could quit the booze but managed to so check out his story here:

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