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Clean Break: A refreshing change

As those who are in the NA industry know, it is difficult to keep up with the amount of new products flooding the market. A new week, seems to bring a number of new beers, so it is difficult for sure, to stand out from the pack. How do you do it?

Basics, of course.

Clean Break is a modest offering in the sense that it has launched quietly with one product, a pale ale. What is most satisfying about this drink, is indeed its subtlety in a currently bombastic market.

Richard Casement, the founder of Clean Break, has created a stripped down beer with a satisfying, if not startling flavour that does the job well. I can imagine (in fact, I have) quoffed a good few Clean Breaks of an evening and this is testament to its easy tones on the palate. In addition the packaging is stylish and sophisticated and the marketing behind the brand, is simple and effective.

A Clean Break? Why on earth not!

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