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A hemp-based non-alcoholic spirit with pioneering complexity and character

Smells like a spirit. Tastes like a spirit. Mixes like a spirit. 

Enjoy the thrill of throwing back a dram of the world's finest non-alcoholic spirit, with none of the headaches.

Fits right into your favourite cocktail bar as well as your home bar cart. <0.5% ABV



By combining powerful nootropics herbs that include L-Theanine, Griffonia Seed, Vit B1 and other active plants, our Social Blend aims to replace alcohol with a relaxing drinking experience that's totally alcohol free.

IMPOSSIBREW ENHANCED HAZY PALE: Tropical, fruity notes of peach, pineapple and mango coupled with a lasting citrusy finish. Designed with our impossibly relaxing Social Blend for a smooth buzz. Brewed at very low temperatures, the result is a hazy, fluffy and exceptionally bodied pale ale. 0.5% ABV.

IMPOSSIBREW ENHANCED LAGER: Based on a premium Japanese recipe. Brewed with our Social Blend that gives you a smooth relaxing buzz. Dry-hopped and extensively conditioned for maximum flavour. The result is a refreshing and crisp lager beer with a clean and lingering citrus finish. 0.5% ABV



Experience the fiery kick of Talonmore. Our ginger-infused non-alcoholic spirit, crafted from natural ingredients.

Using brewing methods of manufacture, rather than distilling, we have developed a unique beverage that ensures flavour is at the forefront, replicating the experience of drinking a dark spirit. Talonmore can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, with a mixer or in a multitude of non-alcoholic cocktails. 0% ABV



At Good Karma Beer Co, we’re consciously and holistically involved with mindful drinking, embracing only an ethos of wellness and positivity. Brewing awesome alcohol-free beers in Kent that are also vegan and made from only local natural ingredients.

MANTRA British hopped lager brewed using the exciting Harlequin® from the Charles
Faram Hop Development Programme. Harlequin® bursts with new world aromatics whilst maintaining a subtle hint of UK terroir, with marmalade and candied fruit notes. 0.5% ABV



TANTRA British hopped IPA brewed using two exciting British hops Olicana and Jester. A combo that gives tropical fruit flavours and aromas, including mango, grapefruit. 0.5% ABV



CHAKRA British hopped Pale Ale using two of our favourite British hops Northdown and you guessed it Ernest. A combo that gives you refreshing pine,
apricot and tangerine flavours and aromas. 0.5% ABV



Inspired by wild herbs and botanicals, combined flavours to create complex alcohol free spirits.

Bax Botanics are proudly designed by nature and pay homage to the ingredients they use.

Sea Buckthorn

Bittersweet orange, aromatic herbs, and Sea Buckthorn berries give the drinker a relaxing evening sipper. “These flavours de-stress me at the end of the day” says Rose, “the long finish is like a good quality gin. I love it with bubbly tonic, ice, and a strip of orange zest”. 0% ABV


Vibrant, refreshing citrussy notes make a perfect lunchtime drink or early evening sipper. Tasting notes of Lemon Verbena with bright menthol, anise and subtle florals characterise the style. “This zingy drink makes a perfect aperitif,” says Chris, “I love its herbal gin like qualities.” 0% ABV



All of the flavour and sensation of wine - zero hangover, zero guilt.


Naturally made by fermenting de-alcoholised wine and a blend of grape juices using a unique and proprietary Zero Gradi TM technology.

Bright golden with fine bubbles, the nose is expressive with fruity note of apple, hints of tropical fruit, citrus and toast. Dry, fresh, and well balanced minerality.

A crisp, sophisticated, complex, and refreshing sparkling non-alcohol drink with well-balanced acidity. >0.5% ABV


Naturally made by fermenting de-alcoholised wine and a blend of grape juices using a unique and proprietary Zero Gradi TM technology. Delicate salmon pink with fine bubbles, the nose is expressive with fruit note of wild berry, blackcurrant, hint of tropical fruit, violet, and herbs. Dry, fresh, and well balanced acidity. A crisp, sophisticated, complex, and refreshing sparkling alcohol-free wine,  smooth and fresh. >0.5% ABV



It's time to Jump Ship into a new world of full-flavoured alcohol-free beer.  

Yardarm Lager – Crisp and refreshing, with biscuit malt and zesty hops. 0.5% ABV

Flying Colours Pale Ale – Full-bodied, malt-forward, with fruity hops and a kick of lime. 0.5% ABV

Goosewing IPA – Tropical hops provides note of stone fruit and mandarin, with a bitter finish. 0.5% ABV

Stoker’s Stout – Smooth and decadent, with dark chocolate, coffee and burnt toffee flavours. 0.5% ABV

Jump Ship Core range_JackStaff + Old Flying Colours_150dpi.jpg


A range of vitamin infused, botanical seltzer blends globally inspired to catalyse changes locally. Taste good, feel good, do good.

Coral – The Immunity Blend – Lemon balm, mint and lime. Infused with vitamins B, C6 and D3, reishi mushroom, zinc and magnesium. 0% ABV

Mayi – The Energy Blend – Vanilla, honey and green tea. Infused with vitamins B12, B6, D3, C and reishi mushroom. 0% ABV

Mizu – The Beauty Blend – Chilli, ginger and hibiscus. Infused with hyaluronic acid, biotin, retinol, zinc, vitamin C and magnesium. 0% ABV

Acqua – The Relaxation Blend – Blood orange, cardamom and juniper. Infused with vitamins C, B6, D3, magnesium, L-theanine, ashwaghandha and reishi mushroom. 0% ABV


At Reformed Characters we make bold botanical alcohol-free drinks for healthy hedonists looking to take a break from booze – for a drink, a weekend, a month or more.

Herbaceous Character - A dry & zesty botanical blend of Juniper, Hops, Rosemary & Lime. 0% ABV

Dark & Decadent Character - A dark & smoky botanical blend of Ginger, Oak, Sweet Orange, Black Cardamom & Rich Tannins. 0% ABV

Bittersweet Character - A bittersweet botanical apéritif with Pink Grapefruit, Hibiscus, Angelica & Aromatic Herbs. 0% ABV

reformed characters.webp


Citizen Spritz are excited to be reinventing adult drinks with our range of non-alcoholic spritz. We are helping to make practising moderation flavourful and effortless with our down-to0earth non-alcoholic drinks. Each flavour is carefully crafted with over 40 natural ingredients to create deliciously long adult aperitifs.

Bitter Orange

Sail your sofa to Mediterranean shores with our signature bitter orange non-alcoholic spritz.
All the atmosphere of aperitivo hour made deliciously alcohol free. Olives optional. 0% ABV

Pink Grapefruit

This Mexican-style tangy thirst quencher is full of punch but free of alcohol to keep you as sharp as grapefruit and feeling perfectly in the pink. 0% ABV

Cool Lime

Havana drink? Make it our mojito-inspired Cool Lime non-alcoholic spritz, a deliciously alcohol-free blend of refreshing mint and lime flavours, guaranteed to bring Cuban kudos to your kitchen. 0% ABV


Never met a teetotal pornstar? Well, let us introduce you. Our Passion Fruit non-alcoholic spritz is a passion-filled classic, deceptively alcohol-free but exceptionally fruity. Grab some popcorn and enjoy. 0% ABV

citizen spritz quad.png


Wild Eve is a satisfying, mood enhancing, complex, adult alcohol-free spirit. It’s organic, vegan, whole plant and utterly delicious, made sustainably in tiny batches of 30 bottles, by hand in Harris, Scotland. There is nothing like it anywhere…

Opening with citrus brightness, moving into a floral, tannin rich body with notes of chamomile, rose and honeysuckle, finishing with earthy, smoky, peppery notes and a hit of briny sugar kelp. ABV 0%



Three Spirit are focused on maximising the functional potency of their drinks, carefully extracting the active compounds from the highest grade, ethically sourced ingredients we can get our hands on. Our processes include maceration, fermentation, distillation, reverse osmosis, freeze-drying, ultrasonic extraction - whatever it takes to harness the full potential of each of our ingredients.


 This indulgent elixir is made with tree saps, aromatic plants and ancient remedies used to relax and unwind. Enjoy complex notes of wood and bright spice with a calm, dreamy feeling. ABV 0.5%


This invigorating elixir is the perfect party pick-me-up. Enjoy euphoric feels from guayusa, guava leaf and schisandra and big flavours from vibrant berries, bright aromatics and heat. ABV 0.5%


This dark herbal elixir is the ultimate social companion and mood elevator. Natural, blissful feeling with lion’s mane mushroom, yerba mate and damiana. Full-bodied and bittersweet with a curious savoury bite. ABV 0.5%



A new generation of mood enhancing Spirits. With complex botanicals and a rich sensory experience, it is the perfect serve for sophisticated hedonists.

The cutting-edge science behind every bottle means discerning drinkers can discover a ‘third way’ beyond ‘alcohol’ and ‘not alcohol’ – to get what we want from drinking (connection and harmony), without the downsides.

SENTIA BLACK is for that lunchtime moment, or after-hours gathering.

SENTIA RED is perfect for after-work drinks and to wind-down for the weekend.



Introducing “Progression Pale Ale”, the first and flagship of our range of non-alcoholic beers. A carefully crafted pale ale that delivers a refreshing, crisp taste with real depth of flavour and the perfect balance of malt and hops. With its light golden hue and velvety smooth finish, Progression ticks all the boxes and is sure to become your go-to beer for any occasion.

Clean Break stands for uncompromising quality and our primary aim has always been to create a great tasting craft beer, that just happens to be alcohol-free. With this in mind, we’ve spared no expense when sourcing our ingredients and developing our brewing process. ABV 0.5%



Taste… just the taste! For those who love wine and want to enjoy it differently.

Unleash the planet… to rethink the impact of our wines, using more responsible products.

Create differently… by selecting, reducing alcohol, assembling to imagine unique styles.

La Blanc – Cuvee Revolutionnaire – Colombard 

A typical Gascony grape variety, our Colombard produces a very aromatic and slightly tangy alcohol-free wine, the true identity of the region. Pale and frank, brilliant green reflections, the scents are predominantly of exotic fruits and white fruits with notes of citrus zest. Frank, aromatic attack, supported by a beautiful liveliness and a pleasant and refreshing length. ABV <0.5%

Le Rouge – Cuvee Revolutionnaire – Merlot-Tannat 

The classic velvety of Merlot and the structure of Tannat, the emblematic grape variety of Gascony for a balanced and finely tannic alcohol-free red. Garnet colour with purple reflections, this has the aroma of black fruits and spices, with a hint of vanilla. The fruity notes are confirmed on taste, complemented by the velvety tannins, with a beautiful supple finish. ABV <0.5%

The Classic Bubble

Finally, an alcohol-free bubbles that is not without interest! Balanced, fruity, with subtle notes of apple and even hazelnuts. Made with verdejo grape variety. With golden highlights, the slightly tangy fruitiness, just the right amount of roundness and a hint of hazelnut with fine bubbles to prolong the pleasure. ABV 0%

Classic Rose 

Our first rose without alcohol but not lacking in fruit, balance and roundness. Made with verdejo and grenache grapes variety. A bright pale pink colour, this has the taste notes of ripe red fruits and a lovely refreshing roundness to make the pleasure last. ABV 0%

The small print

What we do at Liquid Choices is provide you with what we believe are the highest quality af beverages on the market. If you are a bar owner, restaurant chain or anyone who takes a meeting with us and we inform you of our great products, we hope that you will source these drinks through Liquid Choices. If of course you do not use Liquid Choices and choose to go direct or through another company, we do charge an introduction fee of £500*


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