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Dadspace March 5th 2024

Trevor Finds Inspiration in Sobriety

This month's DadTalk’s guest shared his journey of battling alcohol

addiction and finding redemption through sobriety, ultimately

leading to the creation of Liquid Choices CIC.


Trevor was a serious drinker, starting when he was 14 and even

owned a bar for a period of time. Being a huge music fan and sports

lover, he felt his lifestyle necessitated consuming alcohol. In 2018, he

was drinking in excess of ten pints a day before heading onto shots

and weighed in at a concerning 22 stone. It was then he decided to

reflect on his life and make changes.


Liquid Choices CIC specialises in sourcing and distributing high-quality alcohol-free alternatives, offering a diverse range of options for those choosing to live a healthy and sober lifestyle. Trevor's story serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative power within us all. Through perseverance and determination, great things can happen. Realising and admitting that you have a problem or that you might be relying upon alcohol to change your mood, can be the first positive step towards change.


One of the key takeaways from Trevor's story is the multitude of benefits that come with choosing an alcohol-free lifestyle. From improved physical health and mental clarity to stronger relationships with friends and family and increased productivity. The positives far outweigh any perceived negatives associated with abstaining from alcohol.

At the end of the session everyone had the opportunity to try a selection of alcohol free drinks that Trevor had brought along. Everyone was impressed with the bold flavours and overall experience.



As we reflect on Trevor's journey, it's essential to emphasise the importance of responsible drinking. While enjoying alcohol in moderation can be a part of social gatherings and celebrations, it's crucial to always prioritise safety and never drink and drive.


"It's an interesting time for men. Masculinity has been derailed and more than ever we need to support each other, if I can turn things around, so can you!" Trevor - Liquid Choices CIC


Let Trevor's story inspire us to make mindful choices and embrace the many rewards of living a healthy, sober life.

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